Is group learning more your thing than one-to-one? Then the workshops are for you.  You can do stand-alone workshops or a whole course of workshops, where you learn everything from A to Z enabling you to make healthy, well informed choices. The workshops take on average 1,5 to 2 hours and have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 15 participants. They are held in Utrecht but other locations can be discussed upon request.

Stand-alone workshops

Each workshop focusses on a specific topic related to healthy nutrition and lifestyle. The first part of the workshop is an explanation of theory. After a short break, you put the theory into practice in a practical example. This will enable you to easily apply your new knowledge in everyday life and situations after the course.

The following workshops are available:

  1. The basis of healthy nutrition
  2. Carbs, sugars and fibre
  3. Protein and substitutes
  4. Fats
  5. Creating a healthy menu
  6. Reading food labels
  7. Nutrition and Sport
  8. Healthy cooking


The complete course consists of the first 6 of the abovementioned workshops. Additionally, participants receive a free bodyscan with detailed results and personal advice.

Click here for rates or contact me for more information.

Tailor-made workshops

If you have a specific topic or specific group of participants, a tailor-made workshop can be created for you. Please contact me to discuss the possibilities.