Lose weight responsibly and healthily

With professional guidance

No hunger and lasting results. Delicious recipes. Advice and tips specifically tailored to your situation.

Healthy and responsible

Slim Life works according to the "Good Nutrition Guidelines" by the Dutch Health Council, which are strictly scientifically based

Professional Guidance

Guidance from an officially qualified nutritionist, affiliated to the Dutch professional association (BGN), and coverage through supplementary health insurance

Goodbye yo-yo effect

No strict dieting, so no hunger. Achieve a healthy weight at a sensible pace. Easy to maintain, creating a lasting result

No Internet Hype

Not a hip hype or trend such as low carb, grapefruit or (cabbage) soup diet, but just regular healthy nutrition

Delicious recipes

You don’t have to nibble on cucumbers, but can enjoy delicious, varied recipes, designed by Slim Life. Easy to make yourself

Specially designed for you

Everyone is different. A personal plan is developed based on what works for you


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  • The teamwork was great. I really felt heard and the plan was adapted to suit my personal wishes. Thank you!

    Nicolette, Utrecht
  • Finally I know I am losing weight in a healthy way and I’ll be able to maintain this weight. I’ll never use shakes again!

    Sylvia, Utrecht
  • I have learned so much, I now feel confident I’m making the better and healthier choices. Because Alexandra gives personal instead of general advice and tips, it has really helped me.

    Daniel, The Hague


Slim Life offers various services. Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact me to discuss the details.

One-to-one guidance

Personal coaching with a tailormade plan, ensuring you reach and maintain your goals. Click here for more information.


A complete course or stand alone workshops such as ‘the basis of healthy nutrition’, ‘nutrition and sport’ ‘Carbs, sugar and fibre’. Click here for more information.

Cookery Clinic

Hands on experience with healthy recipes designed by Slim Life. On an individual basis or in a group, learn how to apply the theory in practice in the comfort of your own home. Click here for more information.

Supermarket Safari

Exploring the supermarket you will discover all about its various product groups. You’ll learn the difference between actual healthy food and clever marketing, enabling you to make the right choices for you. Click here for more information.

Kitchen Cabinet Challenge

Together we will go through the contents of your kitchen cabinets and your fridge. Are your healthy products actually that healthy? You’ll also receive tips for ‘clever swaps’. Click here for more information.

Corporate advice

For companies or entrepreneurs who are looking for Individual or group guidance of employees or advice regarding nutrition, health, menus, canteens, etc. Click here for more information.


Sign up for a free 15 minute chat. We’ll discuss your wishes and questions.


My name is Alexandra Bone and I am a food and weight consultant, AKA a nutritionist, in Wilhelminapark in Utrecht. I believe food should not only be healthy, but also delicious. Variety and balance are two key ingredients for this, contributing to a life full of positive energy! Click here for my whole story.

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