Frequently Asked Questions

The weight consultant/nutritionist

What is a weight consultant / nutritionist

A weight consultant guides clients to a healthy diet and lifestyle, according to the “Good Nutrition Guidelines” by the Dutch Health council.

These guidelines are verified with the current scientific knowledge and are then translated for the consumer by the nutition center (www.voedingscentrum.nl) into understandable and workable principles, such as the wheel of five.

Clients who, for medical reasons, need nutrition meeting specific requirements, are not guided by the weight consultant but need to go to a dietician.

What is the difference between a weight consultant and a dietician?

The weight consultant advises and guides overweight people in the field of weight management, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle adjustment.

People who, for medical reasons, need nutrition meeting specific requirements are not guided by a weight consultant, but have to go to a dietician. For example people needing a specific diet for diabetes or illness. A dietician is trained to treat all disorders to do with nutrition.

What is the added value of guidance by a weight consultant / nutritionist versus other options?

A Weight Consultant is the specialist when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. This means a weight consultant looks further than just what you eat. Exercise, habits, sport, relaxation; they are all subjects that will be discussed during the process. Additionally it has been proven better results are achieved when losing weight with the help of a professional versus doing it on your own. As a bonus, a weight consultant helps you lose weight in a healthy way, which is not only better for your body, but will enable you to maintain your healthy habits and new weight.  


Individual guidance

Who can sign up for guidance by Slim Life?

Slim Life guides overweight adults who want to achieve a healthy weight in a responsible way. In case of a nutrition related disorder (e.g. diabetes) Slim Life will refer you to your GP. 

I am very much overweight (BMI 30+). Can I also receive individual guidance?

This depends on your overall health. Slim Life will ask you to contact your GP for a health check. Also, you could ask your GP for advice beforehand. When your GP agrees with guidance by a professional weight consultant following the “Good Nutrition Guidelines” by the Dutch Health Council, you can sign up.

How many consultations will I need before reaching my goal?

This depends on many factors. Firstly, your initial situation and chosen goal. Naturally your own efforts also play a big part. On average you can count on a package of 6 consultations to help you on your way towards your goal; the intake and 5 follow-up consultations.  

Will I have to take any supplements?

During the process the right nutrients in the right quantities and ratios will be included in the menu. 




Are the consultations covered by health insurance? 

Slim Life is a member of the Dutch professional association of weight consultants, BGN.

This guarantees the weight consultant or nutritionist is not only an officially qualified nutritionist though an accredited school but also follows continuous ongoing education to stay up to date and qualified regarding developments in the field. Association with BGN also means rates are eligible for coverage through supplementary health insurance. Unlike basic health insurance, supplementary health insurance does not influence the excess, meaning if it’s covered, the whole amount is paid without anything first being deducted.  Coverage varies per insurance company and type of insurance.

Through  this  link you’ll go to the website of the association BGN and you can check the coverage of your health insurance (it’s in Dutch so just let me know if you need help).




Who can sign up for the course/workshops?

Anyone interested in healthy nutrition and lifestyle, can participate in the workshops. There is no prior knowledge required or any other prerequisite.