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My name is Alexandra Bone, born in the United Kingdom, but mostly raised in The Netherlands. Growing up, my parents ran a high quality restaurant, so delicious food was my way of life. Since then, I’ve kept my passion for tasty food, experimenting my whole life in the kitchen with my own recipes.

Apart from England and The Netherlands, I also lived in other countries, such as the Caribbean, Mexico and Colombia. In each country I submersed myself in the local cuisine and now I love incorporating these international styles and flavours in my own recipes.

After finishing a Masters in Business at the university, I worked long hours in a corporate environment for years. Healthy and tasty cooking was put on the back burner, and microwave meals were the daily fare. I noticed I didn’t have time any more for my passion and hobby, and I felt I lost a lot of fun. Additionally I started developing various complaints due to lack of fresh, healthy food. I made a rigorous decision, studied a new career and turned my passion into my work!

Alexandra Bone nutritionist yoga

Now I’m busier than ever, but also healthier and happier! Despite being busy, I can easily incorporate healthy food in my day.  Additionally, yoga and weight training ensure that I am full of positive energy every day. I understand better than anyone how it is to find the balance between all the things that make us so busy and taking the time and energy for heathy choices. I can give targeted tips and advice from experience and together we will make sure you achieve your goals.

My passion for delicious food has only grown stronger now I combine this with using only healthy ingredients. No boring boiled potatoes, but delicious meals, snacks and of course there will be enough room for you to enjoy your personal favourites.