Supermarket Safari

Supermarket Safari

What is a Supermarkt Safari?

Do you feel you sometimes don’t see the wood for the trees in the supermarket? Are you overwhelmed by the choice of products that all seem to be crying out they are the best and healthiest option?  You will be amazed by how much ‘information’ on the packaging actually is clever marketing. Do you for once and for all want to know what really is the healthy option? Then the supermarket safari is the right choice for you.

Together we will go through the supermarket and go past the various product groups. The packaging of the product claims to be healthy, but is that really true? You learn how to read the labels, understand various claims and terms and what to look for. Afterwards you’ll feel confident you’re making the best choice for you. Next time shopping will be a breeze!

The Supermarket Safari is possible on an individual base or in a group.

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